Contests and Prizes

pleasant fest laurels
Contests and Prizes

We will have contests and prizes at Pleasant Fest. Contests may include all, some, or none of the following, and will certainly be fun and ridiculous. Prizes will be awarded to the top scoring people with the most points at the end of the festival.

  1. Best spontaneous song
  2. Best humming
  3. Best plank
  4. Best stand on 1-foot
  5. Best push-ups
  6. Best single sentence story
  7. Best monster roar
  8. Best chicken noise
  9. Best rooster crow
  10. Best duck quack
  11. Best cow moo
  12. Best dog bark
  13. Best cat meow
  14. Best cat hiss
  15. Best snake hiss
  16. Best dinosaur impression
  17. Best flying bird impression
  18. Best caveman impression
  19. Best robot impression 
  20. Best Sean Connery impression 
  21. Best Al Pacino impression 
  22. Best Darth Vader impression
  23. Best Woody Woodpecker impression
  24. Best Donald Duck impression
  25. Best Goofy impression
  26. Best twerk dance
  27. Best backpack kid dance
  28. Best gangnam style dance
  29. Best shuffling dance
  30. Best chair impression
  31. Best murder scene