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The next Pleasant Fest is 10/15 & 10/16.
Submit your content by 8/31.

Submitting the form does not guarantee selection. Selected participants are given a free festival ticket and a free awards party ticket and are requested to attend the festival and the awards party. We are hopeful that participants will be at the festival before and/or after their own content to enjoy and celebrate the other artists too. *Filmmakers must be present to introduce their films.

Participants that want to earn money from the festival will be given a unique URL to sell tickets. You must be sure that your fans use this link to buy the tickets. You earn a percentage of the ticket sales from your personal link. For cash door sales, 100% of that money goes to Pleasant Fest. Contact us with questions.

The next awards and prizes party is scheduled for
Sat, May 14, 2022, 8 PM – 10 PM.

Awards and prizes will only be given to participants in attendance at the awards party. If you cannot attend, you can send a representative, and if you won an award, they can receive it on your behalf. Formal or semi-formal dress is requested at the awards and prizes party; a photographer will be provided.

  • Be sure to include HD download links for your films and live video links for your original music (NO COVER SONGS AT PLEASANT FEST).
  • If not selected for the next Pleasant Fest, we may invite you for a later date.
  • Filmmakers, if it does not negatively affect your distribution strategy, please consider keeping your film private until after Pleasant Fest, because it may increase festival attendance if the film is not available online such as on YouTube, etc.
  • Pleasant Fest makes zero ownership claims to your content. Content creators retain full ownership of their content. Submitting your film or performing your music at Pleasant Fest does not alter ownership of the content in any way. You own your content.
  • Be sure your project team is available for the dates listed before submitting your entry.
  • If requested, you can earn payment by selling tickets. Your payment will be a percentage of your ticket sales from your unique link. We will send your payment electronically.
  • Submit questions using the website contact form, or contact us on Facebook.

It may appear that the screen goes black after submitting the form. Please scroll up to see the confirmation message.

It may appear that the screen goes black after submitting the form. Please scroll up to see the confirmation message.