When is the submission deadline?

  • Typically 6 weeks before the festival. We are accepting the best content in the order we receive it. If your content doesn’t match this time, we may still contact you for the next Pleasant Fest coming soon ☎️

Is there a cost to participate?

  • No cost to include your content in the festival at this time. Participants in any block have full access to the festival (all weekend). Awards plus an awards party are planned for participants and details depend on the net profit from the event. Non-participant attendees will need a ticket for the festival and the awards party, pleasantfest.com/tickets 🎟️

How is content selected?

  • The Pleasant Fest Screening Committee (PFSC) screens all entries and votes to decide whether or not the content will be included in the next Pleasant Fest ☑️

Is there a genre or time requirement for films?

  • No 🎥

What format do we need to use for our film?

  • HD MP4 video format. We need a download link, and we prefer that your film is inaccessible to the public until after the festival 💾

How will the films be shown at the festival?

  • We have multiple large screen TVs that will show the films in various locations around the venue. We also have a large multi-screen array that will show the films on stage 🎬

Do filmmakers need to attend the festival?

  • Yes. Filmmakers must be present and on-time to introduce their films ⌚

What are the ticket options for Pleasant Fest?

  • TBD 🎟️

Do participants’ friends and family need to buy a ticket?

  • To be part of the festival, you have to participate or have a ticket. Pleasant Fest full event tickets are available for all participants and volunteers. If you or a friend wants to help with Pleasant Fest (host, door, sound) in exchange for a ticket, we can always use more help. Contact us to discuss 🎸

Does participation include cast and crew members?

  • Participation includes the musicians that are performing at the festival and the filmmakers that submitted the content and help sell tickets 🧑🏽‍🤝‍🧑🏻

How are the winners chosen?

  • Digital voting will be made available during the festival, or paper ballots will be distributed during the festival. Attendees write their votes for each category. The organizers will count the votes after the festival, and the winners will be recognized at the awards party 🏆

What about parking and the neighborhood?

  • There is a good amount of street parking and multiple nearby parking lots available near The Forge. The Waterfront is so close that you can probably throw a baseball to The Waterfront from The Forge. We recommend coming in early to scout if you haven’t already, and of course, we hope you can join the party well before and after your spot.

Does the venue have a sound system?

  • The Forge Urban Winery has an excellent sound system and stage, one of the best around. It is also possible to bring your own amps, etc. It is highly recommended to visit The Forge Urban Winery at least once before Pleasant Fest to scout the venue and ask questions in-person 🔊

Does the event have a sound engineer?

  • Typically sound engineering is done collaboratively and/or by volunteers. If you have expertise in this area or know someone that would like to volunteer help, please let us know. Volunteering as a sound engineer for any single block grants full access to the festival (all weekend) 🎤

Will the full event schedule be predetermined and posted?

  • Content is sorted by block. Precise timing of content within each block to remain flexible. The plan is to have films for the first half of each block, i.e., the first 3 hours, followed by live music for the second half of each block. We strongly hope that participants and attendees will be interested and excited to experience a variety of local talent and attend multiple blocks 📃

Is Pleasant Fest for all ages and all audiences?

  • Pleasant Fest events are unrated and will probably contain some content that someone will find offensive … especially on Friday 👹